With schools closed down for the rest of the school year, there is a special group of students that are missing out on high school milestones. High School Seniors.

Let's face it, high school seniors have been robbed of their last year because of COVID-19.  This is their last year to shine and still enjoy being a kid as they wrap up their high school careers. Some will have virtual Senior Proms others will have no prom. Another possibility is missing out on a traditional graduation ceremony.

To make sure these seniors don't feel lost in the shuffle of all the coronavirus chaos, there is a new trend going around on Facebook and around the country to 'Adopt a Senior'. Here locally Stacy Cromer and Christina Chassells-Black put together a special Facebook group for our area called Adopt a Senior 2020 - ArkLaTex.

The idea is simple, parents post in the Facebook group their high school senior's photos and their 'favorite things' like favorite color, snacks, soft drinks, candy, hobbies, restaurants, etc. The person that adopts them can now make a personalized gift basket of the senior's favorite things.

We talked with Stacy and Christina this morning. You can listen to the interview below.


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