Employees at one of the fast food chain's restaurants in Lewisville, Texas would not serve two police officers who stopped in because they were police officers.

CBSDFW.com reports that Officer Cameron Beckham and reserve Deputy Michael Magovern were heading to work their overnight traffic construction security job. The pair stopped to eat in Lewisville at a Whataburger restaurant, but according to the report workers denied them service. An employee reportedly told the men: "We don't serve police."

In an interview with 1080 KRLD, Magovern said: "[The employee] said it with a straight face, no smile and just stared at us. Even if he was joking, I’m not going to eat here because I don't trust that."

The news quickly garnered a response from the company on Twitter. They responded Tuesday night calling the employee's actions "completely unacceptable" and promising to "address this as soon as possible."

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