Almost a couple of weeks ago, we reported on the father near Shiner, Texas that beat, and killed a man he allegedly caught molesting his 4-year-old daughter.

On June 9, the 23-year-old father heard his 4-year-old daughter screaming for help from behind an old barn. When he ran to her he discovered 47-year-old Jesus Mora Flores with his pants down, and on top of his little girl.

The unidentified father pulled Flores from his daughter, and beat the man about the head, face, and shoulders with his bare hands.  Flores lost consciousness, and died. (That my friends, is justice.)

Here is the audio from the father's 911 call...

Yesterday, the Lavaca County Grand Jury refused to indict the father who was well within Texas State law when he used force to defend his daughter.

From this news report on YouTube, I don't think they would have been able to convict the man anyway. In the video, the reporter cannot find one person that thought the father should have been charged with a crime.

The results from the poll we did asking if you thought the father should be punished was overwhelmingly in favor of the father, and we agree.

(I say bless that little girl's heart, and the daddy too.  I hope he is not feeling too much remorse for his actions.  It is my belief that any person caught molesting a child should be beaten to death on the spot, agree or not... justice and the law are not the same thing.  This pervert got justice.)