The Fouke School District has announced new 2019 home football game procedures due to last Friday night's fight that broke out at the Fouke High School football game against Glen Rose.

Posted on the Fouke Panthers website:

Recent unsportsmanlike conduct by fans and students of the Fouke School District has now jeopardized the eligibility of ALL FOUKE SPORTS to participate in play-off rounds.  We are asking for your cooperation in avoiding all future outbreaks of unsportsmanlike conduct in order to prevent the Arkansas Activities Association from sanctioning our programs by placing our district on a probationary status.  We ask our fans and students to please respect the hard work our student athletes and our dedicated coaches have put in by following all rules of appropriate conduct for athletic events.

In order to maintain a Safe and Secure Environment for the patrons of our Fouke Community, the following guidelines will be put into place effective immediately.

No student in grades PK-6 will be allowed to enter without adult supervision. 

All students must sit in the stands during the game.

No footballs may be brought to the stadium.

Any student in grades PK-6 must be accompanied by an adult to the restrooms and/or concession stand.

Anyone that does not adhere to these procedures will be escorted out of the stadium and privileges will be revoked.

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