When they re-did 'True Grit' I doubted it, but was surprised.  Now I have doubts about a new 'Highlander' starring Ryan Reynolds because after all, there can be only one.

Ryan is in to star as the lead for a new 'Highlander' movie to begin filming soon.


The original wasn't really Oscar material or anything, but was awesome!  It came out in 1986 and starred Christopher Lambert as Conner McCloud the immortal Scottish warrior.  Sean Connery was his master, kind of like Yoda, and Clancy Brown was the Kurgan, McCloud's arch enemy.  They were chasing "the prize" and were running around New York chopping off heads with ancient swords... until there was ONLY ONE.

Even though critics at the time thought it was lame, it was followed up by four sequels, a couple of t.v. series, a cartoon, an animated movie, a bunch of novels, and some comic books.

For me, one of the things that made the movie so great was the soundtrack from the Queen album 'A Kind of Magic'.  Check out this video for Princes of the Universe...


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