I've been looking for other fun activities for kids to do while not in school as we isolate ourselves and practice social distancing. I saw a cool idea that a neighborhood in Florida is doing, a life-size Candy Land game board.

The neighborhood got a hold of sidewalk chalk and a few creative people to start drawing the Candy Land board game on their sidewalk. Throw in a couple of giant dice and you have a fun little game for kids to play, well, at least until it rains. This neighborhood had tons of pinwheels to display too.

You can check out the video below and see if you can get this going in your neighborhood after the rain that is! By the way, when was the last time you played the real Candy Land game?

Just something to add to the 'Bear Hunts' that kids in some of our neighborhoods here in the Texarkana area. If you're not familiar with these this is where you put a teddy bear in your window for kids to spot as they walk or ride their bikes through your neighborhood.


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