Save the date for next Tuesday, as there'll be a special announcement coming for the Batman: Arkham series. Just what it is remains a mystery.

Over on the official Batman: Arkham Facebook, the team posted a picture merely displaying the date Dec. 31, 2013, and asking fans to save the date. More details were promised for this special announcement but it's anyone's guess just what WB Montreal has in store.

While it's highly unlikely a new Arkham game is going to be announced, we're expecting the reveal of the single story pack of downloadable content promised in the season pass. With New Year's Eve falling on the same date, there's a chance the add-on could be taking place a week later in the Arkham universe as well. Batman: Arkham Origins took place on Christmas Eve, so having some event happen one week later would make sense, and would tie into the save the date... date.

We have a week to wait to see what awaits, but at least we'll be going into the new year with some good Bat-news.

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