Misty Roberson, like many of us do, uses Facebook to keep in touch with friends and family, and that's what she was doing when she posted about her sick child.

Misty Roberson told CBS Atlanta that she was just updating family and friends about her 14-year-old daughter's health issues. She never thought it would cost her job at Harbin Clinic Pediatrics in Rome, Georgia.

She told CBS Atlanta,

I posted on my Facebook wall that, 'After being at the immediate care for two hours, I finally have answers to what was wrong with Alli's fever because work had no appointments. Can you believe it?"

Then her friends and family contacts started sharing their opinions on the clinic where she worked, and most all were about negative experiences with the Harbin Clinic. So, Misty deleted the post because she did not want her employer to be painted so negatively.

Her former employer says that she violated the company's social network policy by posting that they could not see her sick child, and terminated her employment.

Roberson's attorney Amanda Farahany is a specialist with employment law and believes that Roberson's former employer trampled her free speech rights.

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