It's hard to believe that Easter is this Sunday. If you have kids in the house bored to tears from being stuck in the house then coloring Easter eggs is on the agenda this week.

I have a feeling with the coronavirus that everyone is looking for some fun ways to color Easter eggs. I guess it's time to bring the shaving cream technique back to the forefront. The only problem with coloring this way is that it is super messy and you are usually stuck with one color combo since people usually use a 9x11 glass pan. In the video below they use a muffin pan instead so you can do different color combinations! Now that is genius!

I also included is a video of the 'old school' way of using shaving cream in a bigger pan. Plus, I posted a video that shows some really cool tricks if you are dyeing eggs by the really really old fashion way of dipping them in dye and wanting to make some cool designs.

This should keep the kids busy for a while!


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