This story broke out on KHOU 11 in Houston. This fisherman's dog, aka "man's best friend" decided to shift his recreational vehicle in reverse and sent the thing into Lake Sam Rayburn. I've seen this in movies before, but never in real life.

Wow ... It's a good thing Professional angler, Eric Jackson had some helpful folks around. They had to move fast in order to not let the 38 ft vehicle fall to the bottom of ole Sam Rayburn Lake. That was some fast footwork to get back in the RV before the water held the doors shut for good.

This is why I don't have pets right now. If anyone asks If I like pets I say yes. I mean who doesn't like cats and dogs right? But in actuality, just like a child, it does tie you down a bit. Unless you are in financial heaven, taking your animals with you everywhere you go isn't feasible. Especially if you like to travel. I guess they could travel with you everywhere in the U.S. with an RV. I suppose that's why having a travel trailer is so nice. Unless you let your pet drive it. That's not safe, but it does make for an interesting video.

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