A 29-year-old man from the UK found a pretty ingenious way of outsmarting authorities and beating his ankle monitor: he lost a leg. Well, he probably lost his leg first, but then tricked a security firm into attaching his court appointed ankle monitor to his prosthetic leg.



“Christopher Lowcock, 29, wrapped his prosthetic limb in a bandage and fooled G4S staff who failed to carry out the proper tests when they set up the tag and monitoring equipment at his Rochdale home. Lowcock could then simply remove his leg – and the tag – whenever he wanted to breach his court-imposed curfew for driving and drug offences, as well as possession of an offensive weapon.”

Must. Not. Laugh. At. Name. Must….oh it’s no use! Let this guy slide this time but only if he agrees to be part of a larger social study about a person’s name and it’s relationship to their future choices. I’m 100% positive Mr. Lowcock was teased mercilessly for so long that he had no choice but to act out and eventually live a life of crime. You know you’ve got a terrible last name when kid’s don’t even pay attention to your missing leg.

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