This is ABOUT as unlikely of a Memorial Day accident as you can have.  In Haverhill, Massachusetts on Sunday, a guy was injured at a Memorial Day party... in a SNOWMOBILE ACCIDENT.

And no, it wasn't snowing.  26-year-old Brandon Doyle had modified his snowmobile for the summer, by replacing the skis with wheels.  And at the party on Sunday, he was showing it off.

But as he rode it down the street he lost control and it flipped over.  He was taken to the hospital with unspecified but serious injuries... and police are trying to determine if he was drunk at the time of the accident.

After the crash his friends apparently tried to hide the snowmobile from the cops by putting it into a van... and left Brandon bleeding on the street.

(ABC 5 - Boston)

(Here's a news video where you can see the modified snowmobile.)