I found a social media post shared by one of the school principals about a local photographer that is offering to do free senior photos on Saturday at Spring Lake Park.

Here is what local photographer John Bunch had to say about this great idea:

I’ve been feeling bad for the high school seniors throughout all of this, so I’ve decided to do something. This Saturday I’m going to set up in a nice shady spot at Spring Lake Park and take a cap & gown photo of any senior who wants to come out there. I’ll put them on my website where they will be free to download. I’m going to start shooting around 10:00 and will try to stay for 3-4 hours. I’m not going to do sign-ups for time slots or anything like that. I’ll find a nice pretty spot, set up a studio light, and just hang out taking pictures. Any senior from any of our local or surrounding schools are welcome to swing by.

Please don’t come in large groups. I don’t want large numbers of people gathered around. I’ll find a spot where you can park, hop out for a couple of quick snaps and hop back in your car. I want to keep things moving as quickly as possible. Feel free to tell your friends.

I think this is a great idea. With our quarantine coming to an end and businesses getting back open this is a perfect time for these seniors to get their photos and make the most of the remaining time of their senior year,

What do you think about this? Would your senior want to do this?

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