Urban Renaissance will be bringing the "Little Doors" campaign back to downtown Texarkana beginning Sunday, March 1, and have them out until the end of June.

The "Little Doors" attract thousands of visitors every year. School groups, civic clubs, families and churches have all made projects of finding the "Little Doors."

There are 50 "Little Doors," and only a few people have found all of them. Bettye Richardson heads up the campaign and has been a tremendous supporter of bringing art and life back to downtown Texarkana through her group, "Urban Renaissance."

The goal of Urban Renaissance is to bring art to downtown, from murals to crafty little doors to the more whimsical urban art of today. The idea is to use art to bring folks downtown. Urban Renaissance is funded in part by A&P and local donations.

A project planned for late this summer will bring to downtown a mural done by the downtown homeless population, under Richardson's direction.

So head downtown beginning March 1, and explore all of the nooks and crannies to see how many Little Doors you can find.

Photos via Urban Renaissance
Photos via Urban Renaissance

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