A couple of weeks ago, I told you about how my husband John and I when up to Missouri for a family reunion. After the wonderful reunion in Liberty, we headed to St. Louis for the Spirit of St. Louis Airshow.

My husband, being British and all, wanted to see The Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team, The Red Arrows perform. They were touring Canada and the U.S. in their biggest tour in over 10 years. John hadn't seen them since he was 12, so when we realized we would be in Missouri the same weekend as the Red Arrows well it was a must! We decided to drive another three hours so we could see them perform at the Spirit of St. Louis Air Show.

They were amazing to watch! My husband never meets a stranger, so it's no surprise that he struck up conversations with several members of the Royal Air Force. In doing so, they let us tour a few of the really big British planes that were flown over to accompany the Red Arrows to Canada and the States.

The other reason we went to the air show was to see our beloved Blue Angels performed as well. Below are a few photos of the show!


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