Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson signed a bill Monday to officially make home deliveries from liquor stores legal permanently.

This has been a temporary law due to the COVID-19 pandemic where liquor stores could offer home deliveries and curbside to their customers. It went into effect approximately a year ago, but it is officially in the books now.

According to KATV in Little Rock:

SB32 was sponsored by Sen. Jane English, R-North Little Rock, and Rep. Karilyn Brown, R-Sherwood, who argued having a delivery option is lucrative for Arkansas businesses.

“Innovative measures like home delivery of spirits have created convenience for consumers and a safe alternative way for adults to purchase and enjoy their favorite spirits at home during the pandemic,” said Kristi Brown of the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States. “States all across the U.S. have allowed for home delivery of spirits to provide additional choices for consumers and generate much-needed revenue for hospitality businesses. We applaud Governor Hutchinson for signing this measure into law.”

This service is allowed in more than 30 states, but this does not apply when ordering groceries through a third party.

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