There are new businesses, stores and restaurants always coming to town. The question we usually ask is  "What store do you want here in Texarkana?"  Here's a twist, Trader Joe's is asking us "Do you want us to come to our town?

What store has ever asked us that? Wow, a Trader Joe's in Texarkana? Wouldn't it be lovely to have this specialty foods store here? Now, I realize that on their website they state there aren't any guarantees of a location being added, but they do say that "being wanted matters to us."

So how about it Texarkana? Let's show Trader Joe's that we want them here in Texarkana! If we put our minds to it we can do it. Just look at the dog parks we got from our teamwork.

To request a location just click on this link Request a Location. You can also go to their website and go to the "Contact Us" page then click on the request a location option.

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