Leadership Texarkana will have its 'Lunch With Leaders' on April 19 at the Texarkana Texas Convention Center.

The lunch is about taking Texarkana to the next level. Featured speakers include Mike Preston the Secretary of Commerce for the State of Arkansas, and Rob Sitterley the President and CEO of Ar-Tx REDI. There will also be an awards ceremony at the lunch for Idalee Raffaelli Hawkins for leader of the year and 2022 Wilbur Award Honors.

Leadership Texarkana is about equipping our business leaders with all of the tools to help make their businesses thrive as well as working together to make Texarkana a better place for all business owners. The focus on excellence in leadership that in turn helps build pride and of course help progress Texarkana businesses.

Leadership has been in existence since 1978 and in 2001 became an independent all-volunteer organization. While the organization has evolved through the years to fit the current needs of Texarkana, its purpose has always been to make all businesses successful while helping them in working together for a better Texarkana.

The tickets to attend the luncheon are $40 and$35 for future leadership members. You are encouraged to register in advance. Please register via email at info@leadershiptexarkana.com.

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