If this lady had just shut up, taken her charge, and used her right to silence, I never would have heard of her... BUT...She HAD to talk, and now... here we all are.

It was around 2:00 A.M. on Monday, 55-year-old Anita Lewis of Spring Hill, Florida was driving in her Oldsmobile Cutlass... drunk.

The Cops pulled her over when she swerved off the road into a grassy area.

They lit her up, pulled her over, and asked what she'd been drinking, she told them she'd only had a half a pitcher of Bud Light...AND... here's pretty much the only the reason we're discussing her at all... a shot called the LEG SPREADER!

A Leg Spreader is a shooter that's one part Malibu, one part Midori, and one part pineapple juice.

(I assume it's called a leg spreader because it doesn't taste like alcohol... so, I guess, a woman could easily end up drinking too many of them, and make some bad decisions... like driving.)

Anita failed some of the field sobriety tests, and stupid human tricks... I guess with her legs spread she couldn't walk in a straight line and stuff.  She was arrested for driving under the influence, and driving with a revoked license... among other charges.

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