This weekend is the unofficial end of summer. Labor Day Weekend is the last hurrah for most of us. Taking some time off to enjoy with family and friends.

Maybe a cookout or one last trip to the lake. This weekend is always a little melancholy for me for the simple reason that I am saying goodbye to my favorite time of year...Summer. Yes, I know that the hot weather will be with us for a while longer but there is something about the Summer season that makes me feel like a kid again.

Summer always brings me back to the summers of my childhood. So, I guess it's safe to say I had a great time running through sprinklers on a hot day, splashing around in a friend's pool playing Marco Polo and eating fresh peaches and plums from my parents' fruit trees.

But enough about my happy childhood summer days. What are your plans for the weekend? Take the poll below and let us know.

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