For over a decade the Keeping Kids Safe Project has been touring the country helping communities connect with families to promote safety awareness.

It also encourages a proactive approach to child safety. While providing a free digital fingerprinting service to families this program also focuses on the great resources available within the local community.

These records along with other safety information are sent directly home with parents for safekeeping, there are no records that are data-based or maintained. This allows families to be as prepared as possible if an emergency arises while protecting their children’s privacy.

This year’s event will feature the police and fire departments along with Texarkana Krav Maga, CASA Texarkana and other local organizations. All activities are free for families including the fingerprinting and other fun activities. The event will be on Saturday, May 13 from 11AM until 4PM at McLarty Ford, located at 3232 Summerhill Rd, in Texarkana TX.

“Our goal is to encourage regular conversations within families about how they can be safer, that way if a situation does arise they can have more of a prepared reaction rather than a panicked reaction,” says National Director Lystisha Borglum, a mom of five, herself.

“It’s a fun event and a great way for parents to approach what can be a difficult topic to discuss.” Families are encouraged to get their child’s record updated annually.

Most activities will be indoors and the event is rain or shine.

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