With a major tour this summer and a new release coming in July (hopefully), Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry is beginning to do some press to promote the projects. In an interview, the 61-year old guitarist discussed the band getting back in the studio for their first album of original material in 11 years.

According to Perry, it wasn’t difficult to find their dynamic once they got into the studio. “[T]he music does that. After a band’s been together as long as we have, everybody just gets into their own rhythms,” he told Rolling Stone. “People do what they’re going to do outside of the band…But the five of us always have this band, and we’re constantly amazed that it’s still happening.”

The as-yet unnamed project will be produced by Jack Douglas, who was behind the board for their legendary work in the 1970s and much of 2004′s ‘Honkin’ on Bobo,’ which Perry said was supposed to be an original album, but wound up being a collection of blues covers.

“The energy around the band wasn’t right, but we needed to put something out,” Perry continued. “We did it in a room not much bigger than this, everybody set up and playing live. And that was what we carried into this record: live, in-the-room excitement.”

Aerosmith and Cheap Trick will begin their Global Warming tour in Minneapolis on June 16. The June 29 show at the Times Union Center in Albany, N.Y. will be presented by Ultimate Classic Rock.

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