Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke signaled in January that the full recovery was years away: "In light of the anticipated modest pace of economic recovery, I expect in the near future the unemployment rate will decline only gradually."

In the last couple of days, The Mega millions jackpot has jumped up to $640 million dollars, up from $540 Million, due to increased sales The Mega Millions jackpot,  is the largest ever in the lottery game in the world. The drawing is tonight. On Tuesday night, 47 ticketholders won $250,000 each for matching five numbers, but no one had all six-numbers.

The odds that one person will win tonight's lottery drawing are exceedingly low. In fact, you're much more likely to be stuck by lightening, twice, within the same hour, but when standing in two different states. In other words, it's practically impossible to be a Mega Millions jackpot winner (175 million-to-1). According to statisticians, you have better odds of:

  • Dating a Supermodel (or becoming one)
  • Suffocating in your sleep
  • Injuring yourself with a chainsaw
  • Dying in the jaws of a Great White Shark

Richard Lustig wants you to win the Mega Millions jackpot tonight. He's already won the Florida Lottery game 7 different times. He has unique advice on how to maximize your chances at winning any lottery. They're time-tested and proven. Remember, Lustig has won 7 times doing this:

  • Avoiding the computer random selecting your lottery numbers
  • Picking a combination of numbers that hasn't won before
  • Buying at least 10 tickets at a time
  • Spending 10 percent of your income on lottery tickets



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