Football has started and Fall will soon be in the air. Autumn is the best time to hit the road and enjoy the scenery. Especially if your driving in Arkansas. Of course, it all depends on your timing. To see the leaves changing color you'll need to start in the northern part of the state first.

In early October head north to the Ozarks and northern Arkansas. Crowley's RidgeGreat River Road.  Arkansas is full of different types of trees from oak to Hickory and maple. Even though you'll start to see the leaves changing in early October. It is recommended if you want to see the best and most vibrant colors in that area then to wait til mid to late October.

Photo Courtesy Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism

By November the cooler weather has traveled south a bit and that's when you can make the drive to Ouachita State Park. The lake is enjoyed in the summer months and now you can enjoy the rest of this State Parks beauty. Hiking and camping in this area are great activities this time of year as well.

There are quite a few scenic routes to drive where you can see all the fall colors including the Scenic 7 Byway. This one is the easiest for us in our area to drive. It runs from Harrison, Russellville, Hot Springs and Arkadelphia,on through El Dorado to the border with Louisiana. So it 's super easy to catch for a day trip at Arkadelphia and drive north.

Photo Courtesy Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism

All the colors of the season depend on temperatures so some years it can be difficutlt to pinpoint the exact time to go for a drive in Arkansas. Well, until now. To keep us updated on the changing colors of the leaves the state of Arkansas will keep us informed about the fall foliage. Be sure to bookmark their fall foliage page because starting September 29 they will post a report on the fall foliage so you'll know more of what area to explore. The report will be updated every Thursday at 5PM thought out the season.