If it's ok with you, can we get lost in a little fantasy for a bit? If you won the "big" lottery and money was no longer an object but you want to keep it simple with just a 3 bedroom house, maybe this would fulfil all your dreams. At $1.8 Million, this just might be the most expensive 3-bedroom house in Texarkana. Let's take a look.

That seems a little pricey for a 3-bedroom house, but I bet if we explore just a little bit, we might find a few reasons why it costs that much. For instance, the kitchen below is custom everything and includes a fireplace.

Most Expensive House in Texarkana - Kitchen - Realtor.com

Maybe it's the workout room below, workout room doesn't quite cover it though, how about we call it full-blown exercise studio.

Most Expensive House in Texarkana - Workout Room - Realtor.com

Then there is the media room, or movie room, or media screening experience suite?

Most Expensive House in Texarkana - Media Room - Realtor.com

How about a closet that has two chandeliers, a desk and closets inside the closet?

Most Expensive House in Texarkana - Closet - Realtor.com

Seriously, if money were no object, yeah, sign me up! It's always fun to dream. Here is the listing to go check it out for yourself at Realtor.com. Have fun dreaming.


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