The University of Arkansas at Hope is taking environmental awareness to the next level with the installation of new Elkay bottle filling water stations. The bottle filling stations offer cleaner, healthier drinking water while helping to reduce plastic bottle use. 

The new bottle filling stations also feature energy-saving benefits, including a programmable setting to reduce the power used by the unit when the facility is not in use.

“The faculty, staff, and students at the college asked for an eco-friendly way to provide quality drinking water and we responded.  The bottle filling stations not only offer high quality filtered water; they are also extremely cost-effective, saving money on plastic bottle and cup costs and energy costs,” said Chancellor Chris Thomason.

An average water bottle costs approximately $0.21 cents per bottle. The college employs approximately 160 employees.   If each employee utilizes the bottle filling stations each day rather than drinking bottled water, it will save approximately $8,179.95 per year in plastic bottle costs just among the faculty and staff.

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