The NYPD posted a video Tuesday of a brutal mugging that took place back in March, and the guy got busted in one day because in the video, he is wearing his fraternity sweatshirt... with his nickname on the back.

The incident happened March 9 in a subway station. 21-year-old Aiden Folan brutally attacked a 56-year-old woman. He repeatedly slammed her into a wall, threw her to the ground, kicked her a couple of times then went through her purse.

The NYPD released the video on Tuesday, but really should have done it sooner because it took less than a day for the internet to identify him. During the crime he wore his fraternity sweatshirt with his frat's letters Alpha Phi Delta on the front, and his nickname "Stugotz" on the back.

Right away people were able to connect the dots leading to the public FACEBOOK page of Aidan Folan of Brooklyn who just graduated from St. Francis College last year.


The police arrested Aidan yesterday and charged him with robbery and assault. Even though it is a vicious attack in this video, the woman fortunately only suffered minor injuries.

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