The world is a dangerous place. I was recently asked a question about having your hands taped with duct tape. So, we did a quick demonstration video, and that led to more questions. Check out the videos.

Duct tape was brought up by a student that had seen a True Crime story and the victim's hands had been bound with duct tape.. We used some Duck Brand, "duct tape" for our first video. Remember that duct tape tears, important points on escaping are angle of your downward motion, keeping your elbows tight to your torso, and going through your target, which is your hips.

So, after posting that video we had a few different people ask about Zip-ties. Same principle applies as you see in this video.

We hope that you will never end up in such a terrible situation, but we also understand that the world is not getting any safer. Now these are some neat tricks, but know at this school, Texarkana Self Defense, personal safety is taken very seriously. There is a lot to consider when you may be in the situation to fight for your life, or the lives of those you care for. Understand we believe that violence is rarely the answer and would rather run away. However, it is what it is and there are times that violence may be the only answer. Train yourself. Be Safe.

Check out some of the fine self defense and Martial Arts programs in Texarkana. Some concentrate more on the self-defense aspect, while some in the area are more focused on competition and sport. Look into what is available to you, most are happy to give you free introductions.