The Red River continues to rise and the high water is causing more road and bridge closures across the area.The Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department says the Index Bridge on Highway 71 is closed because of flood waters, which are encroaching on Highway 71.

With the Highway 41 and Highway 8 bridge closure to the west, that means you will need to travel east to Fulton to make the connection over the river if you wish to travel north and south connecting Arkansas and Texas. Also, the Highway 259 bridge at Pecan Point remains closed.

Here is the latest information from NOAA regarding the expected crests of the Red River in our area:

Pecan Point near De Kalb, Texas, expected to rise again and crest around 35.3 feet by late Sunday or early Monday. Major Flood Stage is anything over 30 feet.

Index on Highway 71 expected to continue rising and crest around 31 feet on Tuesday. Major Flood Stage there is 28 feet.

Photo by Wes Spicher
Photo by Wes Spicher

Fulton at Interstate 30 expected to rise and crest  around 32.6 feet by next Wednesday. Major Flood Stage at that location begins at 32.5.

All these numbers are of course subject to change and the predictions have continued to rise more than expected. Also more rain is expected to the west and into our area over the weekend could force these numbers higher and the crest dates later should torrential downpours occur.

Remember, don't drive through flooded water or barricades meant to stop traffic.

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