Now with so many of us wearing face masks, there is a new problem that some of us are constantly having. If you wear glasses then you noticed your glasses will start to fog up.

Not a fun thing to happen when you are walking down the isles of the grocery store. Well, I found out about some tricks to try to keep your glasses from getting all foggy.

According to the Huffington Post, the reason our glasses fog up in the first place is that our face masks aren't airtight. So as we exhale that warm moist air escapes from the top of our mask and ultimately fogs up the lenses on our glasses because our glasses are a cooler temperature.

Some things to try are:

1. Place a small piece of tissue (yes that ever so precious product everyone has hoarded) or kleenex at the bridge of your nose. Supposedly this will absorb the moisture and keep your glasses fog-free.

2. A doctor's trick is to wash your glasses with soapy water right before you put our mask on.

3. The other way is to fold down the top of the mask 1/4" but this only works for masks that don't have a nose wire.

Do you have any tricks to keep your eye-glasses from fogging up? Let us know!

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