We have some crazy town names in the state of Arkansas. When you hear the name or see it on a road trip you can't help but wonder 'How did they ever come up with that name?

Here are some crazy silly town names in Arkansas and the stories behind how they got their names.

Toad Suck, Arkansas

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The name Toad Suck is a bit of a mystery. It came about two different ways. Some say it got the name because men would meet at the local tavern where they would "suck on the bottle 'til they swell up like toads".  Others say it is the butchered French phrase meaning  "a narrow channel in the river."

Flippin, Arkansas

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Oh, this one could be so good but actually, it's named after a local farmer Thomas H. Flippin.  But it took a while to get to Flippin. The area was called Barrens. Later, the name was changed to Goatville before it was named Flippin. Goatville is good but to say 'I'm going the Flippin store'? Priceless.

Blue Ball, Arkansas

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Blue Ball is located on HWY 80 between Waldron Ar. and Danville, Ar. in Scott County. I's an unincorporated community so there are no real street views on Google Maps. The name originated from resident Salina Millard, has legend has it woke up on a cold morning and noticed that the mountain directly in front of her house looked like a large blue ball.


Smackover, Arkansas

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Looks like we might've butchered another French phrase. According to The story goes that back in the late 1600's.  French settlers called this area "SUMAC COUVERT", which means "covered in sumac bushes". but over time it sounded like 'Smackover' and the name was born.


Bald Knob, Arkansas

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Bald Knob is located in White County Arkansas. It got its name comes from a huge rock outcropping that was nearly an acre in size.  Local legend says that Hernando De Soto who discovered the rock referred to it as "bald knob" while exploring the Mississippi River Valley in 1541.


Booger Hollow, Arkansas

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According to waybackmachine The name came from the belief that the hollow was haunted because of all the graveyards in the area. Booger in this case is a variant of bogie or boogie, as in "boogie man." So to call the place Booger Hollow locally meant Ghost Valley. Famous for its Trading Post, unfortunetly it seems all is a 'Ghost Town' now.

Possum Grape, Arkansas

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This small little community is in Jackson County, just north of Bradford on 367.  For almost 20 years there was a debate over its name. Some liked the name Possum but others wanted the name Grape. Talk about stubborn! Then in the 1950s they compromised and named it ...yeah, you got it ..Possum Grape.


Goobertown, Arkansas

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According to Arkansasonline.com There are wild peanuts is this part and when  Confederate soldiers camped here that is what they ate. The peanuts must have been good because after the war some came back and settled here and raised peanuts. There was a Goobertown Grocery but now it's a CBD store, which is really kinda funny when ya think about it.


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