We already know that Hot Spring is a beautiful town. Most of us have spent a weekend or even a week exploring the town. Well, looks like we are not alone in thinking Hot Springs, Arkansas is special. 

The town was just named the prettiest town in Arkansas in an article on MSN Lifestyle. They took a look at all 50 states. What did they say about Hot Springs, Arkansas? They talked about Historic Downtown with the old bathhouses and the natural hot springs. They also mentioned the fine arts with their annual film festival in the fall, the alligator farm, the national park and Garvan Woodland Gardens. What they didn't mention actually surprises me. The lakes! Lake Hamilton and Lake Catherine are so beautiful that I just can't believe they weren't mentioned. But hey, maybe they just had limited space for the write-up.

You can check out their write up here and the rest of the Prettiest Towns in All 50 States.

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