Teachers and other education professionals work hard during the school year, They not only teach our kids, but they are also role models and trusted allies to many kids.

It is only appropriate and fitting to honor these professionals that teach, watch and care for our kids. Teachers make such an impact on their students.

Everyone Remembers Their Favorite Teacher



Everyone remembers their teachers in elementary school and their favorites from middle school/junior high and high school. Can you remember all your teachers? How about the ones that helped you in a class whether it was for school work or on a social level? Teachers do more than just teach they can inspire.

Scott Lewis
Scott Lewis

Magic Springs Theme and Water Park in Hot Springs is having its Educator Appreciation Days from now (May 31 until Sunday, June 19. This event is for teachers plus anyone working for a school in administration, dietary, health services, janitorial, security and transportation departments.

What do you Need to Know For Educator Appreciation Days?

Colorful plastic water-slides in aqua park.

According to their website be sure to bring your school ID and you will get free admission. Family members will receive a discount too but only if they are accompanied by an educator.

Child with mother on water slide at aquapark. Two persons on summer holiday.

The heat is on. So what better way to cool off at a water park? You can get more information about this event and others plus information on the Summer Concert Series going on at Magic Springs too. Just check their website for more information.

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