Part of what's so great about hot dogs is their simplicity. Take them out of their package, put them on a grill and, boom, everybody's favorite summer comfort food.

But using just a skewer and knife, the food wizards at Chow have demonstrated a way to get a lot more out your wiener. See how to make a spiral-cut hot dog below.

As you can see, this fairly easy step has many benefits. It allows the hot dog to cook without curling. It increases the surface area in which the frank can soak up a grill's charcoal goodness. It also fits easier in the bun and is more receptive to whatever regionally appropriate toppings you wish to smother your dog with.

All in all, it is this kind of innovation that makes us proud to be Americans. We can't think of a better way to celebrate the Fourth of July than with a spiral-cut hot dog.

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