I've said it before, one of the best features that the Gazette has had in years is R.J. Kennedey's column "This Week in History".

It comes out in the Monday edition, and she gives the week's news from 1912, and then 1962.  It is really interesting, not only the news, but in how it was presented.

For instance, here is the big news stories from August 14, 1912,

Some 50- 60-pound watermelons were sold on the streets of Texarkana yesterday for 15 cents apiece.

Also, A.H. Whitmarsh has gone to Colorado, where he is visiting relatives. Pleasant times are anticipated, climbing the mountains.

(Can you imagine that?  Big watermelons and some dude is taking a trip... and that's the news, good night.  So now for me... I check out the daily paper for the comics, and crossword, Sunday paper for sales, and now Monday for "This Week in History".)


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