On this day back in the day, February 11, 1963 the Texarkana Zoo that was once inside Spring Lake Park was vandalized with animals killed and some set free. We take a look back with a couple of photos.

On this day 50 years ago the zoo was vandalized. Deer were missing and believed to have escaped into the surrounding woods, a couple dozen chickens were beheaded and taken, and the heads were left behind. Four peacocks were stolen. The zoo had been targeted before, at this time the park caretaker said that vandals had pushed them too far and it was disgusting to keep letting animals get hurt, and allow thugs to keep costing the taxpayers money. He spoke to the local paper about how before this attack, someone had used a pole to keep poking a bear until she raised up and ended up killing her three cubs that were inside the enclosure with her. It was this type of stuff that undoubtedly led to the eventual closing of the zoo.

It's a shame, I had fond memories of the zoo, and being at the park and hearing the lion roar in the distance. (I also have a funny story about my brother getting his head caught between the bars of the old rocket toy at the park, but that's a story for another time.) I have some old photos of the zoo at the park. Here are a few...

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