The Federal minimum wage currently is $7.25 and with all this talk about the Federal Minimum Wage going up to $15 an hour, we couldn't help but wonder what each state pays for minimum wage. Interestingly enough Arkansas pays pretty well compared to a lot of the states!

Now just a little background. Most states have their own minimum wage but if it's lower than the Federal Minimum then the state has to pay the Federal. minimum wage. Unless according to

Anyone working for very small businesses: Under federal law, an employer doesn't have to pay the minimum wage to a worker if the company's annual gross sales are less than $500,000 and if it doesn't do any business across state lines, according to Tsedeye Gebreselassie, a staff attorney at the National Employment Law

So here's the rundown currently:

According to States with the Highest Minimum Wage are:

  1. California: $14 per hour
  2. Washington state: $13.69
  3. Massachusetts: $13.50
  4. Connecticut: $13
  5. Oregon: $12.75
  6. New York: $12.50
  7. Colorado: $12.32
  8. Arizona: $12.15
  9. Maine: $12.15
  10. New Jersey: $12

How do the rest of the states add up?

Maryland and Vermont are paying $11.75

Arkansas is in the middle with $11 an hour along with Illinois.

West Virginia is $8.75 and Florida is at $8.65

There are 21 states that are paying the Federal minimum wage of $7.25 which includes: Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Idaho, Ohio, Wisconsin, North Dakota, Wyoming, Utah, Kansas, Georgia, Tennesse, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Virginia, New Hampshire, Georgia and Indiana.

I know some of these states will come up in the next few years but to bring them all to $15? I guess I'm just glad I don't own a business!  You can check out the entire map of the U.S and see what each state pays its Minimum wage then tell us your thoughts.

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