Turkey Day is just around the corner, but you can only eat so many turkey sandwiches. So what do you do? You eat Pizza!  Pizza is in season all year round. Luckily, We have some great pizza places in Texarkana. 

We all have our favorite types of pizza whether it's pepperoni, sausage, supreme, just cheese or the more gourmet types. Then there's the crust, which is just as important. There are so many decisions to make when ordering this wonderful food.

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There are five places in Texarkana that really stand out for their pizzas, and that is based on your reviews!

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According to Yelp.com, these are the top five places for pizza in Texarkana, listed in no particular order:

Joe's Pizza and Pasta Cuisine

Located at 2700 Richmon Road Ste 17 in Texarkana Texas. Open 11 AM to 9 PM Tuesday - Sunday (903) 306-2004

Reviewer on Yelp is saying;

 their pizza is the best in town.



Chappos Italian Cuisine

Located on 3919 Stateline Avenue in Texarkana, Texas and it is back open on Saturdays now too. Open Monday - Saturday   call (903) 791-1726

Reviewer on Yelp said;

we ordered a pizza and it was amazing!! It's our new go to Italian. Definitely try the pizza.




Redbone Magic Brewery

Located at 1304 Texas Blvd. Texarkana, Texas. Open 5 PM - 10 PM Tuesday - Friday and Saturday 11 AM-11 PM and Sundays 11 AM - 9 PM

Here's what a reviewer said;

The Black Magic pizza is what dreams are made of. I'm very picky and I inhaled this pizza like it was my last meal.



Twisted Fork Grill and Lounge

Located at 5522 Summerhill Centre in Texarkana, Texas Open 5 PM to 10PM Monday - Saturday.  (430) 200-2775

A Yelp reviewer says;

First off, save room for dessert! Their pizzas are great


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Gusanos Chicago Style Pizzaria

Located at 2820 Richmond Road Texarkana Texas. Open 11 AM - 10 PM Sunday - Thursday and  Friday & Saturday  11 AM- 10 PM

Here's what a reviewer said;

When we want good food, good service at a decent price this is our stop.


Who said we need to stop at 5? Here's a bonus one!

Photo by Karthik Garikapati on Unsplash

Ironwood Grill  

Located at 4312 Galleria Oaks, Texarkana, Texas. Open 11 AM 9 PM Monday- Thursday and Friday and Saturdays open 11 AM- 10 PM (903) 223-4644.

A reviewer said;

Some of the best pizza I have eaten.


What's your favorite Pizza place in Texarkana?

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