Here are five classic Halloween treats you can't hand out anymore.

Halloween is coming up this weekend and it got me thinking about when I was a little kid living in Wake Village. We would go trick or treating door to door in the neighborhood getting our treat bags filled to the rim. I can remember making a trip back home to empty my bag and going back out to fill it out all over again.

Nowadays it is a little different and with COVID we are all being a little more cautious with where the kids go and especially with what we hand out to our trick or treaters that visit my neighborhood.

Here is a list of 5 treats I got as a kid that we can no longer hand out for Halloween.

Arai Tasher vai Unsplash

Carmel Apple, Candy Apple. A staple of my childhood. As a kid, I remember one house in the neighborhood would always have a great assortment of caramel or candy apples for us to pick from. I was always a big fan of the caramel apples with nuts sprinkling on the outside of the apple.

Cedric Carter

Pop Corn Ball. Not always on my list of things I really liked. They were a staple at any Halloween party and most of our 'Fall Festivals'.


Cookies I had a neighbor growing up that always made sure to have a little bag of three chocolate chip cookies ready for all of her trick or treater visitors.

Robert Anasch via Unsplash

Carmel corn was a staple at every Halloween event at the school. It was a sought after treat in the neighborhood for all of the kids.


Rice Crispy Treats are the quintessential snack that is a big deal for my kids. I had a neighbor that enjoyed making her treats in Halloween-themed stuff. From witches to ghosts we always had some great treats to choose from for Halloween.

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