Rains County Deputy Sheriff Jerrod Dooley has been terminated from his position after he killed homeowner Cole Middleton's dog Candy, without cause.

The Sheriffs Department did not say that it was without cause, they maintain that Deputy Dooley was terminated for his and the departments safety. (???) The case is currently under investigation, but regardless of the outcome Dooley will NOT be allowed to return to the Rains County Sheriff's Department. (The man said he was scared and the dog charged him... HE SHOT HER IN THE BACK OF THE HEAD... He says he has dashcam video... SHOW ME!)

Here's video from KLTV News...

Here is the unedited version of the cell phone video shot by Cole Middleton... (I think that a couple of these smart asses should get some sort of punishment. At least write up that cocky little fella that waves at the camera and says "Hi Mom")

(If I come across as pissed off about it... I AM. To hear that man cry and his voice shake while he talks about his beloved pet, and co-worker, and what he was forced to do... I AM!)

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