We've all seen someone eat a gross food combination before, where you think, " Yuck!, how the heck and why would someone ever put those two foods together!"   One of my sister's loved to eat peanut butter with cheese sandwiches. I thought it was gross, then I tried it and it was actually pretty good! When I was a kid I loved the show Laverne and Shirley and Laverne used to drink Pepsi and mild together. Well, I had to try it. I'll tell you right now...it wasn't that great.

Earlier this week there was actually a discussion on Reddit.com of the weirdest or most disgusting food combos people have seen someone eat.

Here are some of the responses...ewww!:

1.  Canned asparagus and mayonnaise.

2.  Pasta with brown sugar.

3.  Ketchup mixed into Coke.

4.  Peanut butter and jelly on jalapeno cheese bread.

5.  A sandwich with bananas and ketchup on white bread.

6.  Pepper on top of chocolate ice cream.

7.  Goldfish crackers and milk as a breakfast cereal.

8.  Mustard on oatmeal.

What's the most disgusting combination of food have you seen someone eat?