Just a day before its release, Sony and Polyphony have released the opening cinematic for Gran Turismo 6 to sway you into buying the anticipated sim racer. Judging by the amount drool around your keyboard, it probably worked.

Gran Turismo 6's opening video is about more than the cars and how pretty they are. In fact, there's a lot of looks at the world of car creation in the moments before the racing even begins. Watching incredible concept art come to life through the hands of the people who develop the ideas in the first place is powerful stuff. You don't even see your first real look at gameplay until a little after two minutes into the trailer. Once the gameplay finally does start though, it's astonishing.

Talking about it just doesn't do it justice though. Check out the cinematic, and get hype for the arrival of Gran Turismo 6 on the PlayStation 3 this Friday.

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