Welcome to 2018. It's a new year and that just might mean you have made a New Year's resolution. According to a survey by Patch.com the top three resolutions are:
1. Eat better.
2. Exercise more
3. Spend less money
Resolutions are tough to stay on.  Did you know there are some apps that are available to help to stay on track with your resolution? Ah, modern technology. You gotta love it.
If you get one of these apps let us know how you like it. The great thing is, all the apps below are available for iPhones and Android.
1. For Weight Loss - My Fitness Pal

2. To Save Money - Qapital 
3. Declutter your life and make money - Poshmark
4. Those Wanting to invest in cryptocurrency - Coinbase
5. Build and Break Habits - Way of Life:
6. Better Productivity  -Todist
7. Help you drink more water - Plant Nanny

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