My golf game isn't good enough for custom fit clubs... that's a lie, and we can prove it at the upcoming Golf USA Texarkana Demo Day at Texarkana Golf Ranch!

Golf clubs come in all sizes, lengths, weights, shaft materials, etc... how do you know if that set of clubs you bought is really right for you? You don't.

You try to adjust your game to what you are working with. Well, you wouldn't buy shoes without knowing your size, or get a suit without being fitted. You really should look into this special opportunity to come out to the Free "Demo Day" from Golf USA Texarkana at Texarkana Golf Ranch on Saturday April 19. There will be reps on hand from all of the major brands, and you can try the latest and best gear available.

Entry is FREE this year so come out and demo the newest clubs made until you can't hit balls anymore. Golden Chick Texarkana will be there to fill your belly, and the experts from Golf USA Texarkana will be on hand to help you see how much better your game can be with custom equipment. Be sure to "LIKE" the Golf USA Texarkana Facebook Page and hit them up for more information!

Golf USA Texarkana
Golf USA Texarkana

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