With Easter just a few days away it's hard to believe that they're are so many new ways to enjoy celebrating Easter. Have you ever had a glow in the dark Easter Egg Hunt? It's pretty spectacular and really easy to do.

Times have changed, when I was kid you bought a Paas Easter Egg Kit and you dyed eggs in a variety of colors, that was it.  Nowadays, you can decorate one with glitter, use tye dye  even shaving cream or cool whip by using your creativity. But to add a little fun to your party beside the same old tradition, why not do glow in the dark eggs. Of course, seeing glow in the dark eggs will probably make me think it came from an alien rather than the Easter bunny.

Here's how it works!  You wait until it gets dark outside, then hide your glow in the dark Easter eggs in your backyard or even inside your home. The kids will love it and you'll have fun hiding the eggs from them, except it may be frustrating trying to hide a glowing egg.

Best part of glow in the dark eggs not a real big mess to clean up afterwards. So hop on over to your nearest store and let the magic begin.

Start decorating and Happy Easter!


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