With the popularity of the Haunted Texarkana Ghost Walks growing more and more people from downtown are sharing their stories. There is some freaky stuff happening in the Regions Bank Building in Downtown Texarkana.

There was a participant on the ghost walk that shared some stories from her friend that works in the bank building at night. So, I contacted Toni Varner and asked her to share some of her experiences. She shared photos, video and sent this message...

These are some of my experiences, aside from the footprints and those 3 doors closing on their own often.

In the basement I've heard voices. Very distinct male and female voices, that seem to be conversing but I can never make out what is being said.

I have heard foot steps and doors slam. The main floor, plaza, where the bank is, You hear enormous bangs above you coming from the 2nd floor, which we do not access.
For the first several months working there, there would always be a small Childs hand print on one of the glass doors, always in the same spot. I would clean it off and by the next night it was there again. That stopped and then small baby-toddler sized foot prints started showing up on the glass doors a lot (very strange).

The banks motion sensor that beeps when you walk in front of it goes off every now and then when there's absolutely no one there but me and I'm across the room.

It's like whatever there likes to mess with me, and everytime I have to walk past the elevator in the bank that they use to access certain parts of the building (the elevator door stays open) and when I walk by the doors they will start to close and then open back up, as well as the elevators running from floor to floor with no one on them. I was coming down one elevator from the 5th floor one night while I could hear the elevator beside me going up. No one in building but me. I get off in the plaza and decide to go up to see who it was thinking maybe my boss showed up. No one to be found anywhere but the elevator had went up 5 floors on it's own.

On the 5th floor, I've had chairs move, heard sounds (such as phones being dialed) coming from locked offices that no one is in (all after hours). I have heard voices and one night a scream, twice in a row. What sounded like a woman's scream.

For the first couple of months working there, I couldn't go to work without getting very ill feeling. I would get very nauseous, sweat profusely, tingly all over, lightheaded, shake uncontrollably and felt really faint. I always wondered if maybe it was something that was getting too close to me, drawing away all my energy or something. I don't really get like this much anymore, only on rare occasions. I've spoken with someone who has told me many people before me have quit this job due to things that would happen while they were working. One lady experienced some of the same things as me, such as the voices, etc... She was so frightened that she refused to go to work alone and always took a friend with her to keep her company and more comfortable. I do not feel whatever it is, is threatening but I do think they like to taunt me sometimes.. They have definitely made their presence known.. I'm sure there's more that has happened but at this exact moment, I'm telling you what I can think of right now. I have often wondered what this building was in the past, that way I could maybe get an idea of the history of it. If you ever find out any info about it's past, please share with me? Thanks.

Here is some video that Ms. Toni shot of three doors that she props open but will close when she walks away. Other doors remain propped open but these close on their own. The original video is a little more that 10 minutes long, but I have edited this one down to under a minute to show you. She set her phone down to record video while she went on break, when she came back the doors were closed and this is what she found on her phone...

Here are some pics of mysterious footprints that appear in the building she will vacuum, then when she comes back... they have returned.

Photos by Toni Varner
Photos by Toni Varner

The Haunted Texarkana Ghost Walks have now gone to their winter schedule of one tour per weekend, each Saturday night at 8. Groups wanting to take the tour and learn the history of Texarkana meet on the sidewalk at the corner of Texas Boulevard and Broad Street. Get more information on the Haunted Texarkana Facebook Page, or call 903-908-2004.

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