It's Friday the 13th. Are you superstitious? Don't worry you're not alone. A recent survey out of England says 80% of us consider ourselves to be at least a little superstitious.

From the Mirror, survey also showed:

Most common superstition is lucky socks, worn by 36%, followed by touching wood and lucky pants both at 35%. A lucky coin wards off bad luck for 23% and 22% told Mecca Bingo they keep fingers and toes crossed.

Lucky socks? The study also showed that out of 2,000 people surveyed, 5% of them will not be leaving their house today to reduce the chances of anything bad happening.

Okay, I'm not that bad, but maybe I'm a bit more superstitious then I realized. I do have a lucky coin in my wallet and I knock on wood too. Hey, as far as I'm concerned, I need all the good luck I can get! How about you? Are you superstitious? Do you carry a lucky charm?  Let me know what "lucky" item you have.

The good news? After we get through today, there is only one more Friday 13th this year and that one is in October so we can all take a deep breath...tomorrow.

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