Texarkana Texas Firefighters are doing their best to protect neighboring buildings, but the Apartment building the corner of 5th Street and Texas Blvd. is a total loss.

Unfortunately this building is owned by one of my very best friends, and I spoke to him on the telephone a few minutes ago and he spoke of the Firefighters working the blaze...

These firefighters are doing an awesome job containing this fire. They are just amazing. I was really worried about it spreading to neighboring buildings, my store and stuff, but they are so good at controlling this. The roof has caved in, and one of the walls has collapsed, but they are controlling it so well, it's not even burning the Spruce trees that stand next to it."

My friend reported that all of the tenants did get out okay, but here just a couple of weeks from Christmas these six families are without a home. The fire is under investigation, but it is reported that the fire started when two tenants were fighting with each other and one decided to throw some burning paper at the other.

There has been no official report from the Texarkana Texas Fire Department on the cause of the blaze.