Sadly, Friday evening TLC Burgers and Fries caught a blaze causing some damage to Texarkana's favorite burger joints. 

TLC is one of my favorite places to get one of my favorite comfort foods. I was literally on the phone with my "adopted aunty" who was downtown at the very moment it was discovered that the restaurant was on fire. I asked her what she was doing and responded "I'm sitting here watching TLC burn. There's smoke coming from the top of the building". I immediately thought and visualized the worst. Fortunately, after 45 minutes of work, Battalion One of Texarkana Arkansas Fire Department, police and fire support from other parts of the city had extinguished the blaze. TAFD Capt. Adam Grayson, on-scene commander and commander of Battalion One that evening gave the following statement to the Texarkana Gazette...

We have determined that the fire seems to have started around the AC (air conditioning) units and seems pretty much to have been confined there. Most of the damage in the rest of the building is smoke damage. No one was hurt.

TLC Burger and fries will certainly reopen. The question is how soon will TLC reopen after this catastrophe. George, the owner was not available for comment.  I am sure more time will be needed to access damage and develop plans to reconstruct and/or rebuild.

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