Pigs and hogs might be a nuisance, but not in the way you may think! Many of you in the area enjoy camping, but you may want to remember to store all food and drink items inside your car or camper so animals don't consume them.

Near Port Hedland in the Pilbara of Australia, a feral pig rummaged through bags in search of food then drank 18 cans of beer. Needless to say the pig was sauced and thought it could take on a cow which chased it around a vehicle. Now the pig is resting after so much activity.

Authorities in the area of Pilbara have warned campers to secure food and alcohol while camping as well as report any wild animals in the vicinity for their own safety. As an inexperienced camper myself, I will file this reminder away! You never know if you may have a similar experience in Arkansas or Texas.

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